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How I Begin Leveled Math

For any given unit, I typically offer between 3 to 5 leveled assignments, each based around the grade-level standard but presented in different ways. I find that 5 levels really meets the needs of most of the learners in a classroom, but, of course, that is not always realistic or practical. In general, I group assignments in this way:

If I have 3 assignments, it's typically just low, medium, high. But, if I have 5 assignments, I target my assignments to the following popuations: Level 1: Special education (these will have manipulatives and the assignment may be modified in some way) Level 2: Intervention students (assignments will still be on grade-level but may use easier numbers, or contain prerequisite review, or targeted drill instruction) Level 3: On-grade level (for all level of students, I use Universal Design methods, so that certain accommodations are readily available. This usually includes graph paper, graphic organizers, manipulatives, etc.) Level 4: Advanced learners…